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History of Innovation

From its inception, Fernox has invested time and expertise in innovations which have shaped the landscape of the water treatment industry. As far back as the 1960s, the company developed the first Benzoate nitrite-based inhibitor. This was followed in the next decade by an expansion of the Fernox range to include leak sealers, cleaners, anti-freezes and a variety of industrial products.

In the early 1980s, Fernox pioneered a jet engine cleaner to keep the British Sea Harrier flying during the Falklands conflict – a product later adopted globally. Just a year on, the firm introduced a nitrate-free inhibitor for copper-tube boilers to meet the demands of a changing central heating market. Further innovations came later in the same decade, with the launch of the first flushing machine for domestic heating, as well as the very first disinfection agent.

Product after product followed in the 1990s including improvements on existing formulations to meet the ever changing demands of the market. Then in 2002, Fernox introduced the MK1 Powerflow Pump which was a specially designed flushing machine to remove contaminants from system water more efficiently– a product the company would improve upon just four years later with the launch to market of the Powerflow Pump MKII.

Fernox also marked 2002 by instigating the formation of the Domestic Water Treatment Association (DWTA) whose aim was to promote the first industry-accepted performance standard for inhibitors. In 2004, the company launched the 500ml range of concentrated liquid products to complement the Superconcentrates. In 2008, Fernox Express range of aerosol-type barrier pressure packs became part of the Fernox offering enabling an even faster and more convenient way of dosing central heating systems and giving installers greater choice.

Fernox’s product expansion into renewable technologies has resulted in the development of Solar S1 and the HP range heat transfer fluids.

An ambitious program of product development means Fernox’s recent innovations have centered on an increased focus on renewable energy, balanced against its commitment to enhancing its product portfolio.