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Reducing carbon emissions

Fernox has long been committed to developing products and services that help its customers lower their environmental impact. Every Fernox product is formulated and packaged in an ecologically responsible way, and research continues daily to find new ways for business, industrial and domestic customers to reduce their carbon footprint through improved energy efficiency.

Increased energy efficiency

Fernox products help achieve increases in efficiency and lessen impact on the planet by preventing corrosion and scale formation. These cause heating systems to use up greater quantities of fuel simply to produce the same amount of heat. Effective water treatment is essential not only to minimise overall carbon emissions but to conserve fuel reserves. An added benefit for customers is a reduction in their fuel bills.

Renewable technologies

Fernox is not just producing innovative, fuel-saving products for conventional central heating systems. The company is also developing its product portfolio to include renewable technologies – increasing its ability to deliver greater energy efficiency.

Household carbon emissions contribute more to global warming than aviation, so it’s easy to see why Fernox has aligned its research and development goals to the aims of the Kyoto Agreement.