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Environmental Legislation

Part L of the Building Regulations

Part L of the Government’s Building Regulations stipulates that “reasonable provision shall be made for the conservation of fuel and power in buildings by:

a) Limiting heat gains and losses: 
    i) Through thermal elements and other parts of the building fabric, and 
    ii) From pipes, ducts and vessels used for space heating, space cooling and hot water services

b) Providing and commissioning energy efficient fixed building services with effective controls, and

c) Providing to the owner sufficient information about the building, the fixed building services and their maintenance requirements so that the building can be operated in such a manner as to use no more fuel and power than is reasonable in the circumstances.”

BS 7593:2006

The BS 7593 standard ensures awareness of potential problems and the remedies required to maintain efficiency and maximize the lifespan of hot water central heating systems. It also provides guidance on the preparation of the primary circuit of water-based central heating systems before initial commissioning or re-commissioning after major remedial work (such as boiler replacement), as well as ongoing water treatment to ensure continued operational efficiency.