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Fuel Conservation

Through initiatives such as the Home Energy Conservation Act, the Government has taken steps to address the key issue of global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

By far the largest contributors of these emissions in the home are boilers for heating and hot water systems. Part L of the Government’s Building Regulations stipulates that where mains hard water exceeds 200 ppm, feed water to water heaters and the hot water circuit of combination boilers must be chemically treated to reduce the rate of limescale accumulation. The damaging effects of scale on the lifespan of a boiler and energy efficiency of a central heating system are significant.

Fernox has developed a portfolio of products that enables domestic users to minimise their carbon footprint by ensuring their system operates at optimum efficiency.

At the same time, Fernox is working specifically with Local Authorities and Social Housing providers part of whose remit is to combat the rise of fuel poverty in the UK. Households who spend over 10% of family income on fuel bills are defined as being in “fuel poverty”. The correct use of Fernox products is proven to maintain energy efficiency levels of boilers reducing fuel wastage thus lowering bills.