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Installer's Club


The Fernox Installer’s Club has been re-launched with a variety of new features. Now password protected, the club’s website can be viewed on iPhones and Android devices. In addition, members can create a personalised account, submit questions to the company’s on-line help centre facility as well as view a list of Fernox distributors.

Since its launch in 2011, the Fernox Installer’s Club has grown in popularity and today has over 3000 members. Specifically developed to provide the latest news from the domestic heating industry as well as key updates from Fernox. Members will benefit from product highlights, step-by-step ‘ How to...’ videos and an on-line forum to share problems, ideas, tips and best practice. 

Fernox has re-launched its Installer’s Club, which means existing and new members are required to register for a password. Once this has been completed, members can take advantage of all the benefits the club provides including the opportunity to personalize an account; which allows users to save useful videos, news, change passwords and manage any changes in address. 

New and existing members must register on the newly launched Fernox Installer’s Club.