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Technical Services

Service & Support
Fernox provides customers with a broad range of technical services that span everything from professional diagnostic kits with laboratory analysis support to simple domestic water tests kits. Fernox also has a dedicated problem-solving helpline, plus 24-hour technical support provided by highly trained scientists and technicians.

Professional diagnostics
Fernox testing analysis kits are sold for use by installers, Local Authority contractors, consumers and others, enabling them to take water samples and send these for analysis at the Fernox laboratory. Turnaround times for results are best in class.

Home water testing
Fernox also sells domestic test kits for installers or consumers to carry out on-site checks to determine the quality of the water. These simple tests, which don’t require any laboratory analysis, establish inhibitor, pH, copper, hardness, iron and chloride levels with instantaneous results.

Fernox Technical Helpline
The Fernox Technical helpline is available for queries on general water treatment issues, updates on the status of water sample analysis and product advice. The helpline is committed to education on prevention of corrosion as well as promoting energy efficiency. Call 1-814-941-1687

Dedicated 24-hour support
Day or night, Fernox’s experienced scientists and technicians can offer technical support. They can give test water samples and failed components results, accurate problem diagnoses, and advice on a variety of queries.
Call +44 (0) 330 100 7750.